Giving Life to new Nanotechnology

The Elbaz Lab

Cells are the most sophisticated machinery producing selectively and simultaneously hundreds of thousands of complex molecules. Our group is developing and applying new synthetic molecular biology pathways for the bioproduction of “living molecules” in bacteria. These molecules may exhibit intriguing functions with diverse in vivo applications, from medicine to energy or offering a production route of new classes of materials.

 Research Interest

  • Synthetic Biology - Development of new tools to control gene expression and accelerate genomic editing.

  • Living Materials - Genetically engineering living cells using synthetic biology tools for the production of artificial materials. Living materials represent a new opportunity to leverage engineered biology to solve existing problems associated with the construction and maintenance of our built environments, as well as new capabilities to craft smart infrastructure that dynamically responds to the surroundings. 

  • DNA Nanotechnology in vivo - Genetically encoded the self-assembly of DNA nanostructure in bacteria. Intracellular expression of DNA nanostructure provides a novel platform for in vivo applications or a way for their production at bulk via biotechnology.

  • Living DNA Nanorobots - Genetically encoded the expression of DNA nanomachines in bacteria. Living DNA Nanorobots represent a new opportunity to transport biomolecules within living cells or to investigate the phenotypic impact of physically manipulating cellular machinery.

 Research Interests

School of Molecular Cell and Biotechnology



Tel Aviv University 

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